Friday, April 17, 2015

#292 - O is for Obedience

SW: We often get complimented on how "well-behaved" our dogs are,
especially when we travel with them.  When people ask how we do it,
I answer that we took everything we read about dog training from people such
as the Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan and our breeder to heart and put it into practice.

First of all, we treat the dogs as dogs.
Second, TC and I both agreed from the onset that we had a duty to
work with the dogs on a daily basis and to work together on training
and discipline.
Thirdly, we established and maintain the pack leader
mentality and how there can only be one leader at a time.
So if I am working with the dogs, he doesn't interrupt me
and vice versa.

What we've been able to achieve is a great relationship
with our dogs who trust us without question.

I can go up to either of the dogs and inspect their mouths or ears,
they will stand still as we brush them or bathe them,
or shave them... hee hee...
they will lie down and let me examine wounds or feet
they will sit and stand and stay on command, and
taking pills, not a problem...

To TC's chagrin, I can ask Dixie to jump up
on just about anything to have her pose for a photo.

Even if it's a wall or a blind leap, she trusts that I will make sure she doesn't get injured.

And, Dillon is slowly learning to become more confident and mastering his
balance skills as well.

And they have the SIT/STAY commands down perfectly...

Which works well when you have a photog for a pack leader...

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